Fire Safety

There is a total ban on smoking anywhere within the Lodge.

There is to be no deep frying in the kitchen.

Occupants are to be made aware of the location of the fire safety facilities and equipment:

  • the upstairs and downstairs lodge exits
  • the smoke/heat sensors
  • the hand-held fire extinguishers

Occupants are to be made aware of the fire drill.

In the event of fire, the following actions are to be undertaken:

  • arouse other residents
  • phone for help if possible (the Fire Brigade number is programmed into the kitchen phone)
  • fight the fire if practicable
  • abandon lodge and gather on the road (Peer Gynt) side of the Lodge for counting and checking by the Lodge Captain
  • give first aid if necessary
  • do not endanger yourself or others by efforts to save possessions
  • follow all instructions given by the Lodge Captain