Cleaning Procedures

On DEPARTURE please carry out the following:

Any comments and problems should be reported.


  • All shelves, including vegetable bin and inside & outside walls wiped clean.
  • Fridges are left open if closing down lodge, otherwise close door.

Ovens and Stoves

  • Wash racks & grills, wipe oven doors inside and out so they are not greasy, clean stove tops with special cleaner supplied.

Sink and Bench Tops

  • Wiped clean

Unused Food and Garbage Disposed of

  • In the Ski Season garbage is collected on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Please ensure all bags for collection are placed in the garbage container outside the front door before 8:00am.
  • General garbage should be placed in the black garbage bags.  Additional general garbage bags are above the fridge closest to the bedrooms.
  • Bottles, cans and plastics are to be placed  in the NPWS-issued clear plastic bags.  Additional clear bags are in the workroom.
  • Paper and cardboard is to be flattened and stored within another box or tied together.
  • In Summer - please take your garbage with you.

Dishwasher Emptied

Make sure it is put on to wash before you leave.  If time allows, empty dishwasher and put plates etc away.


  • Wipe inside & out, and wash glass plate.

Lounge/dining room clean and tidy

  • Vacuum floor, mop wood floor. 
  • Wipe top of dining room table, coffee table & radio. 
  • Put away papers, games etc.
  • Conversation pit clean?
  • Vacuumed and Pillows tidied


  • Fireplace swept.  Only excess ashes (cold) need to be removed from fire box and placed in the metal garbage bin in the workroom.
  • Please note that nothing is to be thrown on the ground outside the lodge.  This includes ashes from the fireplace.

Hall & Stairway

  • Swept and vacuumed as appropriate.