Code of Conduct


  • Excessive consumption of alcohol that might affect the behaviour of a person and lead to the discomfort of other guests is not permitted.


  • Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the Lodge.


  • Illegal drugs are prohibited.


  • The living arrangements in club ski lodges such as Trissana brings people into close association with each other.  Everyone should therefore take extra care and consideration and respect the privacy of other guests. 
  • Display good manners and good sense at all times to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of all. 
  • Harassment or perceived harassment of anyone will not be tolerated.


  • The bedroom doors have no locks so respect the privacy of other people, their possessions and their rooms by not entering another person’s room without their permission.


  • We all share the responsibility of looking after the ski lodge. 
  • Please ensure the lodge is securely locked when not in attendance. 
  • Trissana property must not be removed from the lodge without proper authorisation.  Nor should it be used for any improper purpose or willfully damaged.


  • Please do not feed animals and birds.
  • Please do not put foreign matter down sinks, toilets etc.
  • Please only use low/non phosphate, biodegradable detergents.